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Auxiliary Equipment


Maguire device combines loading, dosing, mixing

Designed for small-volume processing applications, the new MMT Micro Tower materials-handling device from Maguire combines loading, dosing, mixing and dispensing. 

High-Technology screen changer gains enhanced capabilities

The DP-XL updated continuous screen changer from High-Technology can be used with a wide range of thermoplastics.


Innovation Extras


Delta offers spray coating unit

Delta Engineering’s new DSC100 spray coater applies a light coating to bottles to address several issues that often affect PET bottles on filling lines. 

IMD reduces size of its inspection system

The Peco high-speed inspection system from IMDvista uses as many as 11 cameras to achieve inspection speeds exceeding 40,000 preforms per hour.  


Primary Equipment


Small Boy machine gets optional chiller

Boy Machines is offering new options for its smallest injection molding machine, the XXS, which has 7 tons of clamping force and is suitable for micro molding, prototype manufacturing and laboratory applications. 

Apium printer boasts nozzle for composites

Like the entire line of printers from Apium, the P220 fused-filament-fabrication machine can be used to make very complex parts for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, oil, gas and electronics.


Molds & Tooling


Cumsa vacuum devices fit within molds

Cumsa is introducing a pair of vacuum devices that can fit within injection molds. 

Priamus angled connectors offer space savings

Priamus has addressed the limited space challenges of using cavity-pressure sensors with traditional connectors by replacing the standard axial connection with a much more compact, right-angled version.


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