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Your twice-monthly update from Plastics Machinery Magazine June 22, 2017

Auxiliary Equipment


Flexicon conveyor's elongated gate eases the process

Flexicon’s new conveyor features a trough hopper with an extended-length charging adapter.

Charles Ross disperser gains several features

Charles Ross & Son Co. now offers its PowerMix Planetary dispersers with new, recently developed special features.


Molds & Tooling


Mobile welding machine from Alliance boasts flexibility

This welding machine from Alliance offers ample storage and easy access to the tools that technicians need to repair molds and tooling.

Sodick's metal printer is ideal for mold making

Sodick’s new 3-D metal printer, ideal for the manufacture of molds, is powered by a linear motor drive and uses a 500-watt laser to irradiate metallic powder.


Innovation Extras


On Robot's grippers easy to integrate, work alongside people

On Robot’s plug-and-play, two-finger grippers mount easily on cobots without any external wires and are available in single and dual versions.

Vecoplan bag opener operates without destroying materials

Vecoplan’s new bag opener gently opens and empties bags full of recyclables.


Primary Equipment


SML's latest cast PP film line is its widest

SML has designed a new cast PP line that produces trimmed film measuring about 17 feet.

Carbon's new 3-D printer uses UV light to shape and cure resins

This new printer from Carbon features its proprietary Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology to shape and cure photopolymer resin.


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Production of large diameter PO pipe

Union Pipes Industry (UPI), a United Arab Emirates company, makes large-diameter pipes and is a long-time user of Battenfeld-Cincinnati equipment.

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