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Your twice-monthly update from Plastics Machinery Magazine April 20, 2017

Primary Equipment


Fanuc offers add-on for injection presses

Fanuc's all-electric, vertically mounted unit is equipped with the company’s latest HMI.

Arburg vertical injection machines boost ergonomics

Arburg’s new hydraulic vertical injection molding machine is ideal for the overmolding of inserts and filigree.


Auxiliary Equipment


3-axis Sepro robots offer longer strokes

Sepro's Strong line of three-axis servo robots is suited for stacking and simple pick-and-place tasks.

Maag water system is compact, saves energy

Maag’s closed-loop water systems are used to convey and cool pellets as they are transferred from the pelletizer to a centrifugal dryer.


Innovation Extras


Mocon's Ox-Tran permeation system saves costs and time

Mocon’s oxygen permeation instrument can be used throughout the supply chain to ensure quality standards and shelf-life goals are met.

Extrusion burst plugs from Zook resist joint failures

Used to protect extruders from over-pressurization, Zook’s EBP series of burst plugs features a welded design.


Molds & Tooling


Durable PCS cycle counter has round shape

PCS Co.’s new mold cycle counter is a compact alternative to the company’s standard, rectangular device.

Meusburger slide units are wear-resistant

Meusburger has introduced new ready-to-use, compact slide units for demolding undercuts.


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Amut's coextrusion stretch film line

Video shows Amut's coextrusion cast line for stretch film in operation.

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