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Your twice-monthly update from Plastics Machinery Magazine March 8, 2018

Primary Equipment


Netstal's updated press operates during power outages

Netstal has upgraded its PET-Line brand of preform injection molding machines, which come in three sizes, with clamping forces ranging from 270 tons to 560 tons.

X500 3-D printer from German RepRap boasts cooling circuit

German RepRap’s new 3-D printer is equipped with Simplify3D software and features an auto-bed leveling function and sensors that provide for precise and constant material flow .


Auxiliary Equipment


Tumble blenders from Charles Ross & Son gain light-curtain options

Ross’ tumble blenders provide gentle agitation for mixing powders and pellets. All models in the series have brake motors.

Wittmann's compact robot integrates into frame of press

Designed for pick-and-place operations, this new robot from Wittmann Battenfeld features both the company’s R8 manual data-input device and Primus control system.


Innovation Extras


Maag expands Maax controller line

Featuring four variable-speed drives, Maag’s new controller can be added as a retrofit to an extrusion line. It uses a 12-inch monitor.

Omron's new camera protected against dust, water

The new Hawk MV-4000 camera can perform a variety of functions, including inspection, guidance, gauging, and bar-code reading and verification.


Molds & Tooling


New Hasco counter tracks mold strokes

Hasco’s new mechanical mold cycle counters are used to track the number of mold strokes during injection molding.

i-mold ramps up SKS-4 controller systems

This new SKS-4 compact line of controllers is designed to work with up to three of i-mold’s unscrewing devices, motors and/or linear actuators.


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Off-line thickness gauging with SolveTech's PR2000

The PR2000 Precision Profiler measures cast and blown film. It can be used by producers, converters and buyers of film.

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