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Fanuc's four-axis robot handles tight workspaces

Issue: February 2018

M-410iC/110 Fanuc’s compact four-axis robot is designed for high-volume palletizing and de-palletizing of cases, bags and bottles in tight workspaces. The robot features a slim arm with through-arm (internal) cable routing. This means that compressed-air hoses and cables for sensors, cameras and end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) connect at the base of the robot; the user does not need to route them up the robot arm. The user then attaches a short section of hose or cable to a connection at the robot wrist and routes it to the EOAT. The M-410iC/110 has advanced servo technology for optimized movements and can handle a maximum payload of 242.5 pounds.

What’s new? The robot, which made its debut at Pack Expo in September.

Benefits Speed, durability and easy setup. The robot can perform 2,200 palletizing cycles per hour when handling a 132-pound payload. The through-arm cable routing simplifies setup and prevents cable wear due to the motion of the robot.

Fanuc America Corp., Rochester Hills, Mich., 888-326-8287, www.fanucamerica.com