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Munson mixer handles materials that tend to clump

Issue: February 2018

700-TH-50-SS Munson’s rotary batch mixer features a horizontal drum and proprietary mixing flights that can achieve uniform blending of a wide range of materials in less than 3 minutes.

What’s new? The combination of the mixer with the company’s RDC-1515-SS De-Clumper lump-breaking device. The dual-rotor, stainless-
steel breaking heads rotate inside a curved, perforated bed screen at 120 revolutions per minute — a speed that de-agglomerates materials without degrading them. Once the clumps have been broken, the material passes through the screen’s holes into the mixer.

Benefits Effectiveness when handling materials that tend to clump. The mixer is designed for rapid, thorough mixing and requires no manual removal of materials.

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