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Mixing silos handle outdoor conditions

Issue: June 2018

TV and TVXO These outdoor mixing silos, made from carbon steel and stainless steel, respectively, each feature a large, one-piece cylinder, domed cover, support trellises with tubular and bracing profiles, and extra-thick support plates. Scarnafigi, Italy, manufacturer Beccaria Srl also offers options such as ladders, catwalks, piping for tanker unloading and cylindrical body insulation. In North America, the products are available through Zimmer.

What’s new? The silos. Specially made for all-weather outdoor conditions, they join a portfolio of other mixing silos from Beccaria.

Benefits The ability to homogenize a large quantity of resin without taking up space within the factory. The silos allow plant operators to buy in bulk, ensuring material consistency and the best prices.

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