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Trexel enhances fluid-delivery unit

Issue: June 2016

T-400 Designed for MuCell applications involving injection molding machines with plasticizing screws measuring more than 90mm, Trexel’s new supercritical fluid (SCF) delivery system can provide foaming of large injection molded parts with final weights of between about 5.5 pounds and 28 pounds. The system can deliver 50 grams of nitrogen in a 45-second cycle. It has a 15-inch touch-screen interface. 

What’s new? The delivery system, which is bigger than Trexel’s other SCF units.

Benefits Cost savings from being able to use foam in very large parts. The practice yields materials savings and reduces clamp tonnage requirements. Because the system produces gas on demand only, it is able to optimize energy consumption and maximize the life of its booster pump.

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