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Wittmann Battenfeld low-speed granulator aids sprue recycling

Issue: October 2018

S-Max Wittmann Battenfeld’s S-Max line of portable, low-speed granulators is targeted at in-line recycling of sprues made from hard or brittle engineering resins by injection molding machines with up to 300 tons of clamping force. There are three models: the S-Max 2, S-Max 2 Plus and S-Max 3. They come standard with a sensor that triggers visible and audible alarms when the regrind bin is full, preventing overfilling and keeping the cutting chamber free of regrind. The portable machines feature an interface that allows them to communicate with the injection molding machine. As an energy-saving option, Wittmann Battenfeld offers a function that automatically shuts off the granulator when the injection molding machine is not running.

What’s new? The screenless granulator line, which hit the market in August.

Benefits Efficient operation, compact footprint and easy maintenance. The airflow of the slanted outlet pipe is adjustable to efficiently evacuate the regrind, and the hopper tilts for easy access to the cutting chamber for cleaning.

Wittmann Battenfeld Inc., Torrington, Conn., 860-496-9603, www.wittmann-group.com