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Aquapurge compound now available in free-flowing powder version

Issue: June 2018

Barrel Blitz Universal This mechanical purging compound from Aquapurge Ltd., Hayes, England, is used to clean injection molding machine screws, barrels and nozzles. It provides fast color and material changes and is especially suited for removing tough carbon deposits. Effective from 320 degrees to 698 degrees Fahrenheit, it works with 98 percent of all thermoplastic resins. Barrel Blitz Universal is available through its exclusive U.S. distributor, MD Plastics.

What’s new? A free-flowing powder formulation. Previously, the compound was only available in pellet form.

Benefits Fast material changes and less maintenance. Regular use reduces machine downtime and the need for screw and barrel cleaning. It removes all traces of the previous job from the barrel, leading to improved part quality.

MD Plastics Inc., Columbiana, Ohio, 330-482-5100, www.mdplastics.com