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BinMaster mounting plates improve options

Issue: April 2017

Mounting plates BinMaster is offering new mounting options for its noncontact radar sensors, which are used to detect the level of pellets, powders or flakes in a variety of vessels, such as silos, tanks and bins.

What’s new? Mounting plates to accommodate vessels with an angled roof, and swiveling holders to provide precise aiming in situations where the sensor can’t be mounted directly above the area that needs to be measured. The new mounting plates (shown) have a 30-degree angle and a 4-inch ANSI flange, and join the company’s existing line of flat mounting plates. A new 10-degree swiveling holder is designed for use with the metal-jacketed version of BinMaster’s NCR-80 level sensor. The holder comes in 4-, 6- and 8-inch flanges, which allows for precise aiming. For the firm’s NCR-80 plastic horn model, an 8-degree swiveling holder is available with 3-, 4- or 8-inch adapter flanges.

Benefits Simpler, more affordable installation of sensors, with no need for on-site fabrication.  

BinMaster, Lincoln, Neb., 402-434-9102, www.binmaster.com