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Dukane optional module simplifies generator use

Issue: May 2015

iQLogiX  Dukane’s optional module for its iQ series ultrasonic generators allows the work cells for plastic welding and product assembly to be simplified. When the the iQLogiX module is inserted into the ultrasonic generator, the ultrasonic module menu adapt feature populates the menu of the user interface with all the programmable options.

What’s new?  The 20 programmable input and 16 output connections. Programming the connections is easy; users can save, copy or change the program with no special programming hardware.

Benefits Cost savings and flexibility. The product eliminates the need for expensive electrical hardware and PLC programming to convert a simple ultrasonic welder into a turnkey work cell. The module also can be reconfigured at any time to accommodate changing needs. 

Dukane Corp., St. Charles, Ill., 630-797-4900, www.dukane.com