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Filtration units handle long production runs

Issue: April 2018

ILF-55 filtration system The newest high-capacity model in PSI’s ILF series of discontinuous large area in-line filtration systems is ideal for long production runs in which the extruder operates continuously and ultra-high filtration levels need to be maintained. Users simply insert filter pods into the system’s canister housing and select the vessel size and filtration media that’s appropriate for the application. Operators can choose between reusable pleated filters or single-use slip-on wire cloth tubes. Reusable pleated filters are bubble-tested for pore size verification.

What’s new? The filtration system, which will debut in Orlando.

Benefits High filtration rates and quick changeovers. Filter tubes offer ratings from 0.5 to 250 microns and ILF vessels are supplied with either three-filter or seven-filter tubes, which can be fixed in-line or — for quick changeouts — standby vessels can be preheated to minimize downtime.

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