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Flexicell palletizer can be programmed

Issue: April 2018

Dual Floor Position Palletizer Flexicell’s palletizer can continuously load cases onto one of two pallet stations running off a single production line. This allows the palletizer to fill one pallet, then immediately begin stacking the second empty pallet without requiring the line to be stopped. Safety measures include enclosure with light curtains and Fanuc robot safety software.

What’s new? The ability of production personnel to program the pallet pattern development and palletizing sequence directly from the HMI.

Benefits Greater end-user control over palletizing of a single line’s production. With the update, production personnel can now do work that had required the expertise of skilled programmers. Operators can use Recipe Management to create, edit, copy, paste and delete patterns easily on the HMI. This palletizer allows for continuous palletization without putting workers at risk of fatigue or repetitive stress injuries.

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