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GP:50 sensors feature bluetooth compatibility

Issue: July 2017

iDucer GP:50 is offering this line of advanced melt-pressure and temperature sensors for extrusion equipment and injection molding machines. The sensors have a standard thread size of 1/2 20 UNF.

What’s new? The sensors, and their Bluetooth compatibility. Users can download the free iDucer app from the Apple store onto a smart phone, tablet or other smart device to easily access real-time information about melt pressure and temperature, as well as a sensor’s serial number, model number and melt pressure range. Additionally, the iLoggerBLE (Bluetooth low-energy) software program allows for wireless data logging of up to six sensors simultaneously on a personal computer.

Benefits Fast, convenient access to melt-pressure data.

GP:50 Melt Pressure, Grand Island, N.Y., 716-775-8830, www.gp50meltpressure.com