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Polyga toolbar add-in improves software

Issue: April 2017

XTract3D This new toolbar from Polyga Inc. is an add-in for SolidWorks CAD software. It provides slicing, fitting and analysis tools that enable users to create editable solids and surfaces for feature-based modeling using 3-D scans. The toolbar was created specifically for reverse engineering and design applications, from simple 2-D sketches to complex 3-D surfaces and meshes that contain tens of millions of polygons. XTract3D is available for purchase via single-user license and can be rented for 30 days to handle short-term projects. Free trials are available.

What’s new? The toolbar, which made its debut in January.

Benefits Ease of use. Working natively within Solidworks, the software builds upon users’ existing knowledge bases so they don’t need to learn completely new tools and methodologies.

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