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Purging compound formulated for 3-D printing technologies

Issue: October 2015

3D Clean This nonabrasive, nonchemical, engineered thermoplastic purging compound from the Dyna-Purge Division of Shuman Plastics Inc., is specially formulated to meet the needs of 3-D printing technologies. It is available in 8-inch-long strands and distributed exclusively through 3Dom USA.

What’s new? The product, which hit the market in early September.

Benefits Ease of use, safety of ingredients and effectiveness in purging all resins used in 3-D printing. Dyna-Purge, Depew, N.Y., says the compound is ideal for a wide variety of 3-D printing applications, including prototyping, multi-color 3-D prints, low-volume printing and frequent color and resin changes. The additive-free compound, which is effective within a wide temperature range, from 320 degrees to 575 degrees Fahrenheit, is safe, according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards.

3Dom USA LLC, Fargo, N.D., 866-326-3363, www.3domusa.com