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Rotary transfer unit from teamtechnik boasts high speed, new exterior

Issue: January 2018

Teamed RTS Designed for processors who need to assemble a large number of parts quickly, the Teamed RTS series of cam-driven rotary transfer machines from teamtechnik, Freiberg, Germany, can reach speeds up to 120 cycles per minute. The compact machines, which are available with eight to 32 individual stations, are certified for use in ISO 7 clean rooms.

What’s new? The machine has a completely redesigned exterior made of rigid, curved sheet metal. The new version made its debut at Fakuma 2017, held in Germany in October.

Benefits High speed, easy maintenance and low space requirements. The new model’s rigid design not only provides enhanced stability, it’s also easier to clean and maintain due to better access to the interior.

teamtechnik Production Technology, Lawrenceville, Ga., 678-957-0334, www.teamtechnik.com