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Updated leak tester from Profile Solutions is faster, gains new hardware, software

Issue: April 2017

6LD Profile Solutions has upgraded its leak tester for use with blow molding machines. The version that the company displayed at the K show is pictured; it is called the 6LDV, with the “V” representing its integration with a vacuum conveyor on a shared frame for easier and faster product changeovers.

What’s new? New hardware and software. With the upgrades, the tester can now detect holes as small as 0.007 inch within 0.03 second. In one hour, the device can test 17,475 small, 0.5-ounce containers, or about 290 containers per minute.

Benefits Faster testing speeds. At the K show, the company demonstrated the tester running 13,400 8-ounce bottles an hour — a 15 percent increase over its previous capacity. Compared to its competitors, the tester is also cost-effective.

Profile Solutions USA Inc., Grandville, Mich., 877-776-5325, www.profauto.com.au