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CGTech's simulation software aids CNC machining

Issue: January 2018

Vericut CGTech’s simulation software can be used to visualize and optimize CNC machining. It operates as a stand-alone product but can be integrated with leading CAM systems.

What’s new? Version 8.1, which was released in September, with numerous new features. They include an improved report template editor and new modules for grinding, dressing and cutting-force optimization. The new version also includes the rollout of an additive manufacturing module; a screen shot taken to illustrate the module is shown below. The module simulates realistic laser cladding and material deposition and detects possible issues, including errors, voids, misplaced material and machine/part collisions. Another new module allows users to zoom in on sections of parts during simulations. In addition, the newest version provides functionality for adding dimension labels on models.

Benefits Improved usability and greater functionality. New features such as the Force Optimization and Additive modules allow users to reduce machining times and improve part quality.

CGTech, Irvine, Calif., 949-753-1050, www.cgtech.com