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Cumsa vacuum devices fit within molds

Issue: May 2018

Vacuum devices Cumsa is introducing a pair of vacuum devices that can fit within injection molds. The devices, the Double Action Vacuumjet, or VB, and the Smart Vacuumjet, or SV, can remove as much as 60 liters of gases per minute. The VB is activated by compressed air when the mold closes and runs until the plastic part is ejected. Meanwhile, the SV is a fully automated device with an internal solenoid that controls the opening and closing of the vacuum valve, typically located in the mold cavity. Once the mold closes, the compressed air starts running, and the device sends a signal to open the vacuum valve and begins removing air. When it achieves a set vacuum level, the SV sends a signal to close the vacuum valve. At ejection, the device blows compressed air through the lines and purges the channels, cleaning the insert or laminar vents after every cycle. If the desired vacuum level cannot be achieved within 5 seconds, the SV will close the valve and start the injection.

What’s new? The devices, which use compressed air at a pressure of 90 pounds per square inch.

Benefits Efficient removal of gases that can cause sink marks. With the vacuum devices, users can achieve better part quality and shorter cycles with lower injection pressures.

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