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Hasco expands line of hot-runner nozzles

Issue: February 2018

H6500 Hasco has expanded its Vario Shot line of hot-runner nozzles with the H6500 series, which is especially suited for injection molding engineering resins and reinforced plastics and can handle shot weights up to 4.4 pounds. Because the nozzles screw directly into the hot-runner manifold block, they allow mold makers to produce fully assembled, ready-to-install hot-runner systems; the systems also can be removed easily from the hot-half plates for maintenance or repair. Hasco offers 15 types of tips for the nozzles, which come in a wide range of diameters and lengths.

What’s new? The H6500 series, which became available in October, and its screw-in design.

Benefits Precise temperature control and a compact, leak-free design. The nozzles provide a uniform temperature over their full length due to the arrangement of the thermocouples and efficient insulation from the cold mold. The nozzles’ streamlined torpedo tips are made of a high-tech alloy for high wear resistance; they also guarantee an extremely low level of shear during mold filling.

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