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i-mold ramps up SKS-4 controller systems

Issue: March 2018

SKS-4 This new SKS-4 compact line of controllers is designed to work with up to three of i-mold’s unscrewing devices, motors and/or linear actuators. The controller’s software works for both general automation purposes and the specific demands of injection molding.

What’s new? Availability in the U.S., the inclusion of a 7-inch touch-screen panel, and a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader. The touch panel control is much faster, and the RFID capabilities enable easy and safe allocation of access rights based on user levels.

Benefits The touch panel’s more powerful signal processing enables the software to run faster, which accommodates very fast cycles and works well with needle-valve actuation in hot-runner applications as well as stripper plate actuation. I-mold plans to continue to update the software for the SKS-4 line with new features, and any new versions will be available to customers for free.

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