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Meusburger offers compact slide unit

Issue: October 2018

E 3310 TT slide Meusburger has added a new slide unit — used to demold undercuts — to its line of standard injection mold components. The slide features T-shaped guides that guarantee optimal force transmission at high injection pressures, and a buffer that stops the slide’s movement safely and precisely. The device comes in two sizes, with slide surfaces of 12mm by 10mm and 15mm by 12mm.

What’s new? Compactness. The company says it is the smallest ready-to-use slide unit on the market and is especially suited for use in complex molds where space is tight.

Benefits Space savings and simplified mold design and manufacturing. Also, the slide unit’s diamond-like coating has excellent wear-resistance and sliding properties.

Meusburger US Inc., Charlotte, N.C., 704-526-0330, www.meusburger.com