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Moldex3D improves its design software

Issue: June 2018

Moldex3D Studio This computer-aided engineering software from Moldex3D streamlines the process for designing molds and tooling for injection molded parts. The software deals with many aspects of molding, with modules for advanced hot runners, cooling channels, various lightweighting approaches, in-mold labeling and myriad other topics.

What’s new? A new release, known as R16. The newest version includes better mesh and valve-pin-movement simulations, as well as new features for analyzing melt flow, viscoelasticity and warpage during resin-transfer molding.

Benefits Improved performance and usability, and faster turnarounds, from model to results. Moldex3D gives users the ability to optimize designs, increase manufacturability and shorten time to market. With the new features and updates to the software, users can more easily compare and analyze simulations, reducing model preparation time.

Moldex3D North America Inc., Farmington Hills, Mich., 248-946-4570, www.moldex3d.com