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Sigma simulation software enhanced

Issue: April 2018

SigmaSoft Virtual Molding This software from Sigma Engineering provides simulations of flow, heat flux and warpage for injection molding. With it, mold makers can optimize their designs for systems such as cold runners, hot runners and ejector packages.

What’s new? Further enhancements of Autonomous Optimization, a tool within SigmaSoft Virtual Molding that was unveiled at the K show in 2016 in Germany. The tool automatically runs various potential tooling configurations to determine which works best. Recent enhancements make setting up Autonomous Optimization easier.

Benefits Reduced costs and faster turnaround of completed molds. The Autonomous Optimization tool allows mold makers to efficiently determine the best mold designs. In one case, SigmaSoft Virtual Molding calculated 40,000 different possible configurations for a mold for the base of an office chair. The configurations depended on variables such as mold material, the layout and diameter of tempering channels, and the use of a conformal cooling concept and high-conductivity pins. The Autonomous Optimization tool picked among the various configurations to choose the least-expensive designs that would result in cycle times of less than 60 seconds.

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