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New 3-D printer boasts 6-feed head, works with common printing resins

Issue: November 2015

LSBP Allied Dimensions’ Large Scale Batch Printer (LSBP) works with many common printing resins, including ABS, polylactic acid and nylon to create personalized 3-D goods, such as shoes. The six-head printer, which weighs about 176 pounds, has a carbon-fiber carriage system. It costs about $13,600. 

What’s new? The printer. Allied Dimensions, which began as a prototyping workshop, originally designed the machine for internal use only. It has been commercially available for the last couple of months.

Benefits Compatibility, flexibility and a large build space. The printer runs on open-source technology, so it can be modified and upgraded easily to meet users’ needs. With a build space of about 33 inches by 33 inches by 31 inches, the machine can print large-scale prototypes, as well as smaller objects, using either all six print heads at once, or separately. Changing print heads to accommodate the varying demands of jobs is a fast and easy process.

Allied Dimensions, Barcelona, Spain, 34 622-623-445, www.allieddimensions.com