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ProX 3-D printer is now available in US

Issue: June 2018

ProX SLS 6100 3D Systems’ new selective laser sintering 3-D printer is appropriate for both functional prototyping and the manufacture of low-volume production parts. It is designed to make large, durable parts with superior surface finishes, such as components for the automotive, durable goods, aerospace and health-care industries. The printer has an air-cooled laser. Its material quality-control system automatically blends and recycles the resin and transports it to the printer without manual intervention. Also, the company is offering a new portfolio of nylon materials for the printer.

What’s new? Commercial availability. The ProX SLS 6100, announced several months ago, hit the market in April.

Benefits High-quality parts, fast build times and competitive pricing. With its 95 percent efficiency rate for material usage, high throughput and competitive initial purchase price — less than $300,000 — the ProX SLS 6100 delivers a 20 percent lower total cost of ownership compared to similar printers. It also offers a high degree of accuracy, repeatability, resolution and edge definition.

3D Systems Corp., Rock Hill, S.C., 803-326-3930, www.3dsystems.com