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Athena debuts compact cube molding machine

Tue, Apr 04, 2017

Cube molding machines Athena is expanding its list of customizations with a machine for cube molds. The machine is based on a platform introduced five years ago, featuring a combination of servo ball-screw and servo-pump technology, as well as modular controls.

What’s new? A 150-ton version was shipped a few weeks ago. It features two 50mm-diameter, in-line, opposed-reciprocating screw injection units, and was designed so that mold water and hydraulic oil are routed to the center of the rotary table. The cube section of the mold is not supported by tie bars. The machine is also equipped with dual robots for part retrieval and closing.

Benefits Compact, efficient molding. Considering the size of molds it can handle, the customized machine has a small footprint. It is designed to minimize mold wear, and provides easy access to the mold from the sides and top. The machine was designed to minimize runout of the rotary table bearings and limit support beam sag.

Athena Automation Ltd., Vaughan, Ontario, 905-265-0277, www.athenaautomation.com