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Engel offers custom pipe system for presses

Issue: January 2018
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Part distribution system Engel’s upgraded stainless-steel-pipe system is used for handling small injection molded parts at the point of production. The optional system is available for Engel injection molding machines and is customized to meet the needs of specific applications. The photo shows the system installed in a tie-bar-less e-victory press. The part distributor separates parts according to the mold cavity they were produced in, for product traceability. Because it’s made of stainless steel, the equipment is ideal for handling medical parts in clean-room molding applications.

What’s new? A more compact profile. Introduced two years ago, the stainless-steel-pipe system now fits within the confines of the injection molding machine’s safety gate. Engel showed the upgraded product for the first time in October at Fakuma in Germany; it is now available worldwide.

Benefits Product traceability and clean-room compatibility in a space-saving design.

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