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Netstal's updated press operates during power outages

Issue: March 2018

PET-Line Netstal has upgraded its PET-Line brand of preform injection molding machines, which come in three sizes, with clamping forces ranging from 270 tons to 560 tons. The presses feature a digitally controlled clamping unit, two-stage injection units and an energy-efficient adaptive drive unit. PET-Line machines can handle molds with 24 to 144 cavities. Shown is a PET-Line 4000 model with 450 tons of clamping force; the number in the name designates the clamping force in kilonewtons.

What’s new? The CPP system, which is an option on all new machines and keeps the press operating during brief power outages or fluctuations. Normally, such fluctuations can abruptly interrupt the production cycle, resulting in short shots and the need for laborious manual work to remove them. If the outage lasts longer, CPP provides enough power to safely shut down the machine, first allowing preforms to be fully injected and demolded.

Benefits Reliable production even in locations subject to power variations and outages. The system also allows for the simple restart of the machine after a power outage and provides a fast return on investment.

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