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Niigata vertical injection machine is new to the U.S.

Issue: September 2017

MDV55S7000 Niigata’s new 55-ton vertical injection molding machine features a single-station vertical clamping and injection unit. It comes with either a stationary clamping unit or a slide table that moves the lower half of the mold toward the operator or robot for parts removal/insertion and then slides the mold half into position for injection. Outside of the U.S., the machine is known as the MDV50S7000 with 50 metric tons of clamping force; that is the model shown in the photo. In the U.S., DJA distributes the machines for the Japanese company.

What’s new? The machine. Niigata shipped the first unit to a U.S.-based customer in May.

Benefits Ease of use in the overmolding of long inserts, such as cables or medical tubing, and electronic parts. The new single-station press can handle long cable or tubing without the risk of entanglement, unlike two-station rotary tables; it’s also ideal for reel-to-reel or continuous molding.

Daiichi Jitsugyo America Inc., Wood Dale, Ill., 630-875-0202, www.niigata-us.com