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Nissei press gets a new toggle mechanism

Issue: August 2017

NEX-IV With clamping forces ranging from 33 tons to 397 tons, this series of general-purpose, all-electric injection molding machines from Nissei can produce quality parts reliably, even from inconsistent materials like regrind. The small-footprint machines can handle hot-runner molds and molds for long parts, with units able to accommodate some molds that typically might require machines one class bigger. They come in nine sizes and are appropriate for clean-room applications. The NEX80IV, which has a clamping force of about 88 tons, is shown.

What’s new? A newly designed toggle mechanism to reduce the cycle times between mold closing and mold opening, and updates to the machine’s flat clamp mechanism to even out contact pressure. Now in its fourth generation, the series, which debuted in 2003, also comes with an updated Tact IV controller, with improved production, management and maintenance features. In addition, mold daylight has increased as much as 4 inches.

Benefits Precise, repeatable molding performance.

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