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Sodick introduces dual-injection units

Issue: November 2017

GL series Sodick’s line of horizontal injection molding machines is expanding with models that offer a second injection unit. Designed for precision, these hybrid-electric machines feature Sodick’s two-stage V-Line plunger technology, which separates consistent material preparation by the screw from dosing on the plunger side. Plustech is the North American branch of Sodick Inc.

What’s new? Two-shot versions of the GL series as an “off-the-shelf” option on all sizes in the line, ranging from 30 tons to 200 tons. The identical injection units can handle various material types, including LSR. The second unit can be vertically or side mounted.

Benefits Excellent repeatability and precision for micromolding applications that require two-shot molding, tight tolerances and accurate plasticization.

Plustech Inc., Schaumburg, Ill., 847-490-8130, www.plustech-inc.com