Schenck feeder handles tough materials

Simplex FB 650 can operate with plastic flakes, recycled materials, fillers and light materials like plastic film scrap.

Simplex FB 650 This new, loss-in-weight feeder from Schenck can be used for handling plastic flakes, recycled materials or fillers, such as glass, carbon fiber or hemp. Equipped with a bottom-driven vertical agitator, as well as an auxiliary agitator, the stainless-steel unit is especially adept at handling light and fluffy materials. It can feed edge trim back into an extruder, so it doesn’t have to be scrapped. The modular feeder comes with various helix and hopper options, and a volumetric version is available that can be used as a refill feeder or surge bin.

What’s new? The feeder, the latest to join Schenck’s family of Simplex Flat Bottom feeders.

Benefits High-capacity feeding of hard-to-handle materials, such as chopped PP and PET plastic film scrap.

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