Plasticating system can be retrofitted to IMMs

Md Plastics' plasticating system features a screw coupled inline with a special plunger-head assembly, drive housing and motor.

The Inject-Ex plasticating system.
The Inject-Ex plasticating system.
Md Plastics Inc.

The Inject-Ex plasticating system.The Inject-Ex plasticating system.Md Plastics Inc.Inject-Ex This retrofittable plasticating system from Md Plastics is designed to address some of the problems posed by the standard reciprocating-screw setup of injection molding machines. It features a screw coupled inline with a special plunger-head assembly, drive housing and motor. The entire assembly — rather than just the screw — has a reciprocating motion, so that each of the various sections of the screw is in the same, fixed position relative to the barrel. The design ensures that every pellet travels the entire length of the screw, regardless of shot size. The unit features Md Plastics’ patented Posi-Melt screw, which is designed for homogenous dispersion and treatment of the melt. The units can be used to process LSR, as well as thermoplastics.

What’s new? Availability of an electric version. After K 2019, Md Plastics reported that it was finishing up a design for a 50-ton press supplied by Sumitomo Corp., Tokyo, as well producing versions with a 550-cubic-centimeter shot size for a plant in India. Previously, only hydraulically powered Inject-Ex units were available. Also, the temperature sensor included with the Inject-Ex units has been made smaller and more durable. Formerly known as the Temp-Tek system, the sensor is now called the Temp-Sense.

Benefits Better part quality, thanks to a variety of advantages over processing with a reciprocating screw. They include more repeatable recovery time and the elimination of screw slippage. This setup achieves greater homogeneity in the amount of shear and heat to which the pellets are exposed.

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