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  • Q&A: Ettlinger bringing unique machines to U.S. market

    Thu, Jan 19, 2017

    At the K show, Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH of Königsbrunn, Germany, announced it will introduce its unique, and often giant, injection molding machines to the U.S. market. The company is best known in the U.S. for its melt filtration technology, including the ERF series designed for processing... [more]

  • Machinery makers emphasize speed, integration, automation

    Issue: January 2017

    Thermoforming machinery makers focused on automation, ease of maintenance, speed and integrating multiple functions into one full production cycle during the K show. These companies are innovating to keep up with customers whose production runs are getting smaller, which requires more tool changes and... [more]

  • Smart factory: German manufacturers get behind 'smart' tech

    Issue: January 2017

    German manufacturers used the K show to vigorously promote Industry 4.0 as a way to improve productivity, process quality, data interchange and flexibility. A walk through the 19 halls of the sprawling triennial show indicated that there are almost as many approaches as there were companies exhibiting... [more]

  • Smart Factory: Securing data

    Issue: January 2017

    There is one very big caveat with Industry 4.0: data security. Hackers have gained access to the servers of major corporations, political parties and government offices, and even disrupted American presidential election campaigns. Why should customers, or even a company’s own directors, trust any... [more]

  • Smart Factory: U.S. companies get smart at K

    Issue: January 2017

    Several American companies presented smart factory innovations at the K show. Maguire Products Inc., Aston, Pa., showed a controller with beefed-up data-processing capabilities for its gravimetric blenders, “substantially enhancing communications with other devices in an Industry 4.0 setting and... [more]

  • Polytype machine rotates mold instead of tilting it

    Issue: January 2017

    At the K show, Polytype OMV, of OMV Machinery srl, Verona, Italy, showed its RM77 Revolver thermoforming machine in production for the first time. While still under construction, it had been introduced as a prototype concept at NPE2015. “During construction, we simplified the stacking system,”... [more]

  • Aggressive training plan, machine redeployment bring rewards for IAC Group

    Issue: January 2017

    The day starts at International Automotive Components’ Anniston, Ala., factory with a highly scripted, stand-up meeting in the Team Performance Center. Every key manager in the plant quickly goes through immediate concerns and how his or her department is doing on achieving long-term goals. Walls... [more]

  • Sidebar: Training investment pays off

    Issue: January 2017

    Many company executives say employees are their No. 1 asset and that training is a good investment.  But no plastics manufacturing company has ever launched a training program like the International Automotive Components’ North American Cockpit and Overhead Group, which aims to give job-related... [more]

  • Packaging applications advance hydraulic, hybrid presses

    Issue: January 2017

    Faster cycles, increased precision and greater energy efficiency were major themes for suppliers of multidrive injection molding machines at the K show. Molders have a greater choice of servo-hydraulic and hybrid styles due to new equipment lines, sizes and capabilities. Many of the machine developments... [more]

  • Hasco simplifies mold changes, centering, data collection

    Issue: January 2017

    Hasco Hasenclever GmbH + Co. KG, Lüdenscheid, Germany, introduced at the K show the Clever Mold System A8500, a quick-clamping mold-changing device for injection molding systems performing low-volume production. Other new innovations from the company include a flat guide jaw and mold-tracking device.... [more]

Gefran presents the new 650/1250/1350_ENG
This video shows Gefran's latest PID temperature controllers. The controllers have flex-view display; easy and fast setup; set point programmer; preventive maintenance; and energy monitor.